hi, im
Travis Trawick










I'm a simple guy. I love traveling with my soon-to-be wife and our dogs on trips across the country whenever we're free.


I own and operate a Political Texting Company that I started in High School with my business partner.


I play Professional Paintball for NRG Elite, based out of Chesapeake, VA.


Live life not worrying about the little things.


I started RoboCent in 2012 with my business partner. After taking over in 2016 as the sole owner, I grew the business into a top-tier Texting Platform for political organizations and candidates in all 50 states.





I play Professional Paintball for NRG Elite out of Chesapeake Virginia. We compete in the NXL (https://www.nxlpaintball.com/) at the national level and travel across the country to compete.





I occasionally upload gameplay videos to YouTube from sessions with friends. Great way to preserve gaming memories for years to come. Remember the first time we completed Vault of Glass? 




After starting my own photography business, I discovered I have much more fun taking pictures as a hobby. When inspiration hits, I like to break out my Canon Mark ii or Mavic Air 2 and document my adventures.






I tweet, sometimes.